2011 Nov 24 first prototype ready
2011 Dec 27 first test images obtained by the prototype of the coronagraph
2012 Jan 26 funding ensured by OCA for part of the experiment
2012 Feb 8 first refractor telescope received for building the first of the coronagraphs
2012 Feb 9 first telescope taken in charge by the workshop in Nice
2012 Mar 14 validation of the first optics assembly in the optical lab of OCA, in Nice (prototype mark II)
2012 Mar 16 arrival of 8 additional refractors at OCA, Nice
2012 Mar 26 validation on the sky of the "mark II" prototype
2012 Apr 13 all devices built
2012 Apr 19 three more coronagraphs assembled and tested
2012 Apr 23 all coronagraphs assembled
2012 May 5 one coronagraph tested in Meudon
2012 May 14 6 coronagraphs from Nice to Observatory of Paris by train
2012 May 18 2 coronagraphs arrived in the Hawaii, for observation in Maui and Marquesas
2012 Jun 1 transit rehearsal
2012 Jun 5-6 T-day!
2012 Jun onward... Collection of the obtained data and beginning of data reduction
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